Miradry: Don’t Sweat the Holidays

If you’ve ever dealt with embarrassing excessive underarm sweating, then we may have the perfect holiday procedure for you! WDC has the only FDA-approved solution for sweat reduction in the underarms called Miradry.  Miradry consists of two one-hour in-office procedures where most patients experience an average of 82% sweat reduction.

Why do I sweat?  Our bodies produce sweat to help us cool down when we’re overheated.  Some people have overactive sweat glands, meaning they frequently turn on when they should be at rest, and they produce much more sweat than what’s needed to cool the body. Some people’s sweat glands can produce four or five times more sweat than normal.

How does miradry work? Miradry works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, eliminating the underarm sweat glands. Two procedures are typically recommended, 3 months apart, to maximize the quality and duration of results.

How do I know if it’s right for me?  That’s easy…if you answer yes to any of the following, then the Miradry treatment may be what you’re looking for.

  • Does your underarm sweat make you feel embarrassed?
  • Does underarm sweat interfere with your daily activities?
  • Do you frequently apply antiperspirant?
  • Do you worry someone will notice your sweat stains?
  • Do you change your clothes more than once a day due to underarm sweat?
  • Do you wear fabrics, colors and styles of clothes that do not show sweat easily?
  • Are you frustrated over constantly ruining clothes?

The top reason we love Miradry:

  1. The treatment is toxin-free and there is no need for endless treatments
  2. Patients see lasting results after only 2 treatments
  3. The treatment is a non-invasive, in-office procedure with minimal to no downtime
  4. It has one of the top patient satisfaction scores according to websites like realself.com

With proven great results, we can’t help but boast good things about this treatment!  Come visit us today to find out more about Miradry.