Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Glowing Skin

Ready or not, it’s that time of year again! We’ve got you covered here at WDC and have come up with some of the GREATEST Galentines and Valentines gift ideas for glowing skin. We’re so excited to share all the goodies with you! These favorite products of ours can be purchased at WDC, or you can call us, and we’ll ship it right to your door.

The essential product is TNS Essential Serum Advanced+. As if the product name doesn’t say enough, TNS Essential+ is the latest version of the most popular TNS Essential Serum that we’ve been loving for years. Everything from the peptides to the growth factors has been rethought and amplified. Because of this, it’s even better at softening wrinkles, diminishing dark spots, and addressing other signs of aging. Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks!

If you’ve ever dealt with pigment and discoloration, Cyspera pigment corrector is the go-to product. We love Cyspera pigment corrector for a number of reasons. Cyspera is the novel pigment corrector formulated with cysteamine and free of hydroquinone to improve the appearance of stubborn discoloration. It offers significant improvement to brown patches and dark spots, has antioxidants, and is well-tolerated for long-term use.

Next up, let’s focus on those lashes! Latisse is an amazing gift for pretty much anyone whose looking for some lengthening, thickening, and darkening of their eyelashes. Our eyes are definitely a focal point, especially with mask wearing, and long, luscious lashes are always a glowing addition.

Now, let’s talk skin hydration. This colder time of the year can really do a number on our skin, and hydration is key to a glowing complexion. One of our top plumping and hydrating products is our SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier. H.A. Intensifier is a multi-beneficial corrective serum proven to amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. (Hyaluronic acid’s main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist). H.A Intensifier amplifies skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by 30%. It also reduces the look of crow’s feet, nasolabial folds (parenthesis around the mouth or laugh lines), and marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth down to chin) for smoother, firmer skin and can be used as home care after dermal fillers to maintain and amplify results.

That leads right into our next big skin glowing secret…dermal fillers. Dermal Fillers done correctly can help to eliminate wrinkle lines and to produce just the right amount of volume in areas where age and gravity have taken a toll. Dermal fillers are also a great addition to adding volume, hydration, and shape to the lips. Properly treated lips can look subtle and natural giving you the Valentine’s pout you’ve been dreaming of. Trust your treatments to WDC for a natural and not overdone look. This month we have a great Promo for Lips with Volbella! Book a Volbella treatment in the month of February and receive 10 units of FREE Botox ($130 value).

Lastly, if you haven’t heard about our DiamondGlow facial, you definitely need to listen up! DiamondGlow is more than a facial. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s patented, recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin. DiamondGlow is powered by SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion serums that are infused onto the skin when pores are still open and most receptive. Within 72 hours you will notice a reduction in fine lines, overall dryness, roughness, and a radiance unlike any facial you’ve ever had.

Hopefully this conclusive list of some of our favorite products and procedures will help you either get yourself or a special someone the glow they deserve for Valentine’s Day! Don’t miss out on our product specials this month including buy 1 get 1 at $75 off our TNS Essential Serum Advanced +.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 910-256-4350, or send an inquiry through our website!