Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!

2020 Wilmington Dermatology Star Event Overview


What is the Star Event:  The Star Event is Wilmington Dermatology Center’s once a year open house event that features the ability for you to learn all about the latest and greatest cosmetic treatments available. During this event you have the once a year ability to make a prepayment for future treatments in 2020 that ensures you are securing the lowest prices of the year.  In addition to the local vendors, light food and drink available during this event, we also work with Make a Wish of Eastern North Carolina to raise money for children in our own community with life threatening medical conditions.  All proceeds of raffles that take place during the event go to this amazing charity.

When is the Start Event:  The Star Event takes place at Wilmington Dermatology Center from 5-8:30pm on March 11th, 2020.  Wilmington Dermatology Center is located at 710 Military Cutoff Rd, Suite 320 Wilmington NC 28405.

Format of the Event:  Our doors open at 5pm and you and your friends will be greeted with swag bags (supplies limited) and have the ability to get your photos taken.  Each open house room in our offices will focus on a different treatment you can stop by and learn more about (ex. Botox room, Pico laser room, etc).  You will be provided a map of all of the rooms when you arrive and you will have the ability to enjoy light food, champagne as you tour the office, meet our staff, and learn more about the amazing treatments.  You will have the ability to make your prepayment with our scheduling staff at the front desk.  We will also have raffle tickets for amazing prizes with all proceeds going to Make a Wish.

Top 10 frequently asked questions about the event:

1. When will the lowest prices information be made public?  Star Pricing will be available for viewing at our office or can be sent to you upon request starting on Monday March 9th.  Please call or send a request through our website on 3/9/20 for more information.

2. If I am unable to attend the actual event on the 11th, am I still able to make a prepayment to lock in the lowest pricing?  Yes – if you have attended the event in the past or are unable to attend, you may call in or email our offices starting Monday March 11th and request to make your Prepayment over the phone.  If you plan on paying in cash or check please be sure this is dropped off to our office between March 9th and March 11th.

3. Is the prepayment a deposit or a full payment?  When you make a payment the night of the event or calling in prior to the event, the amount of $ you place into your account is the amount you are eligible to use on future visits at the lowest Star pricing.  This is not just a deposit.  You would place the full amount you would like to be eligible for the lowest pricing.  For many who may come into the office during the year they are making a prepayment to lock in those prices.  Example – a patient may make a $1000 payment which appears as a credit on their account.  They work this credit down as they get treatments throughout the rest of the year at the lowest pricing.

4. What happens if a make a prepayment but I don’t use it by the end of 2020?  Your prepayment will still remain as a credit on your account for future use.  We want to make this easy and hassle free for you.  However this credit in 2021 will not be eligible for 2020’s lowest pricing – it will just be a regular credit on your account for use.

5. When I make a prepayment am I selecting a specific treatment ahead of time?  We have pricing sheets that will help you put together your personal budget plan, however the prepayment you make can be used on anything in our office.  Example – you make a prepayment for $2000 and decide you want to use it for CoolSculpting instead of Botox…no problem.  It is just a credit on your account and can be used for any cosmetic treatment.

6. If additional rebates come up throughout the year from Brilliant Distinctions, Aspire, etc; can I combine those with my lowest Star Pricing?  Yes, any non-WDC promotional rebates can be use in conjunction with your Star pricing guaranteed through your prepayment.

7.  Will someone be available to help me determine what I want to budget for ahead of or during the event?  Yes – if you would like to make your prepayment ahead of the event we can have our cosmetic coordinator meet or call you on the phone to help you develop your payment amount.  During the event we will have staff who can help you work through the pricing estimator to determine how much you may want to spend.

8. Do I need to schedule my appointments when I make my prepayment?  No, you do not need to schedule when you make your prepayment.  We are happy to make future appointments for you that evening, however if you simply want to call in or make your prepayment during the event, you do not need to finalize what you are having done and when at that event.

9. How should I RSVP for the event.  We encourage all that plan on attending to RSVP to the attend although we do not have a formal guest list.  You can RSVP using this EVENT RSVP LINK.  Please include “Star Event” in the description.  We use this simply for planning purposes.

10.  Do I need to be an established patient to participate in the Star Event?  No, you simply need to call or visit during the event and ask to have your information added to our system.

This is always an amazing fun event with a great cause.   We often get complimented that those who attended “learned so much” about the treatments they were interesting in considering.

To RSVP feel free to follow this link and be sure to mention the Star Event.  Or call our offices at 910-256-4350, or email us at