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At Wilmington Dermatology Center, we take pride in our reputation as the top Botox dermatology provider in all of North Carolina. Rosalyn George, M.D. and our experienced team are experts when it comes to cosmetic injectables, using the latest techniques to provide you with amazing results that look completely natural — and not overdone.

Dr. Rosalyn George is a national trainer for Allergan, the maker of the original BOTOX® Cosmetic and the JUVÉDERM® collection of fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure and products such as Kybella. Wilmington Dermatology Center has also been recognized by Allergan as one top 1% of Botox and Filler practices in the nation in terms of volume, expertise, and results. It’s safe to say that your Botox treatment is in good hands at Wilmington Dermatology Center.

Wilmington Botox Treatment

What is Botox?

Botox is made from botulinum toxin, a powerful neuromodulator, which is injected into the muscles of the face to stop them from contracting. By relaxing these underlying muscles, Botox can improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines, which accumulate over time as a result of smiling and squinting.

Botox can be used as a preventative treatment in younger adults, and to help older adults regain a more youthful appearance by smoothing out wrinkles and folds. The word “Botox” has become a general name for any substance containing the active ingredient, but other injections have been developed with slightly different formulations, such as Dysport® and Xeomin®.

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Medical Botox Treatment in Wilmington

The History of Botox

This cosmetic use of Botox was discovered by accident in 1987 when an ophthalmologist, Dr. Jean Carruthers, was conducting a study using botulinum toxin to correct strabismus, or crossed eyes, only to find that it also helped reduce the appearance of her patients’ wrinkles.

Botox has been FDA approved for medical use since 1989, and it’s one of the safest and most studied medications in the United States. It was approved for cosmetic use in 2002 to treat moderate to severe wrinkles in adults.

Botox Injections for Medical Purposes

The use of Botox for medical purposes predates its use as a cosmetic treatment. It can also be used to treat excessive sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands, stopping the production of sweat in that specific area.

Botox can also be used to treat chronic headaches or migraines, because it stops the neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from reaching the nerve endings around your head and neck.

Botox Injections in Wilmington, NC

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“Wilmington Dermatology has been doing my injections for the past year, and I could not be happier, from botox to filler, they are always very thorough.
A.D. | Wilmington, N.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about Botox treatment:

Is Botox Right for Me?

When you come to Wilmington Dermatology Center, we’ll sit down with you during your consultation and evaluate which areas of your face need treatment, based on your aesthetic concerns and goals. We have a variety of cosmetic treatments available, and we’ll help you decide if Botox is right for you.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

While some practices quote based on an overall area, Wilmington Dermatology Center bases cost on what is actually used. The amount of Botox necessary to get the results you desire will vary by individual, but we do offer touch-ups at no extra charge within two weeks of treatment. However, if you choose to use less units than recommended, there will be an additional charge when the touch-up is performed.

Botox and other brand name toxins are priced based on the number of units used; how much you will require is based on the areas you need treated and the intensity of the treatment required to achieve your aesthetic goals. BOTOX® Cosmetic by Allergan is also eligible for credit towards Allē Rewards, a free program in which you receive credit towards your future purchases— think of it as airline miles for your anti-aging treatments!

Does Botox Hurt?

Botox injections typically feel like a small pinch. While there is no real downtime associated with Botox, you may see slight redness at the injection site immediately after treatment, but it typically doesn’t last more than a few hours.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Patients typically start to see results within the first 5-7 days, with full correction occurring in about 14 days. After that, how long your Botox will last will vary by individual. The average amount of time Botox will last is therefore about three to four months.

Who Can Use Botox?

Botox is approved to treat cosmetic concerns in patients regardless of gender. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in Botox or have had allergic reactions to other botulinum products, you should consult with your physician prior to treatment. We also ask that patients disclose whether they are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, are breastfeeding, or have used other botulinum products in the past.

Does it Matter Who Does My Botox?

Although some may disagree, we at Wilmington Dermatology feel that Botox should only be administered by an expert: a highly trained specialist who is familiar with facial anatomy, proper techniques, and medical conditions that could prevent you from achieving your best possible results.

We find that many patients are wary of Botox because they’re afraid to look “frozen” or they have seen or experienced unnatural-looking results in the past. We’re also known for fixing other practitioners’ overdone outcomes, to give our patients the results they deserve.

Are There Risks Associated with Botox?

There are risks associated with every treatment, but as a practice with a strong medical background, you are in safe hands at Wilmington Dermatology Center. If you ever need an adjustment after your Botox treatment with us, we’ll gladly make the fix. Injecting can be an art, and every patient is different, so we are happy to adjust your treatment to meet your needs.

Botox Experts in Wilmington, NC

Whether it’s your first time seeking cosmetic treatments or you’re simply hoping to find a new provider, the aesthetic experts at Wilmington Dermatology Center are proud to offer you the results you’ve been looking for. Call us today at 910-256-4350 to schedule your free consultation!

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