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BroadBand Light® in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Dermatology Center is excited to introduce Forever Young™ BBL®: A treatment for stopping the clock on aging skin!

Want clearer, smoother skin? Looking to reduce pigmentation and vascularity?

BroadBand Light (BBL)® is an innovate technology for targeting irregular areas on your body and providing refreshed, rejuvenated, and reinvigorated skin. Rosalyn George, M.D., offers professional-grade BBL® treatment and can expertly combine it with other platforms like coolpeel™ and VirtueRF to eliminate signs of aging and make your skin really shine!

What is BroadBand Light®?

BroadBand Light (BBL)® is a noninvasive skincare solution that improves your skin on both a superficial and structural level. It’s the fastest, most advanced, and most effective intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment on the market, providing comprehensive enhancement for both your skin’s health and look.

BBL® treats the skin directly with broad-spectrum photothermal energy that helps you achieve clearer, healthier, and more youthful skin with a single treatment:

The energy absorbed by the surface of the skin dissolves extraneous pigment in discolored spots, closes off excessive blood vessels that cause redness, and otherwise eliminates unwanted skin cells that make your skin anything other than uniform and clear.

The energy absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin triggers collagen production, which strengthens and tightens skin, and a healing response to surface damage, which generates fresh skin creation.

We use BBL® Hero™ (high energy rapid output), which is three times as powerful, provides twice the cooling for your comfort, and works at four times the speed for treatments that can take as little as two to five minutes.


Liz Guinan
Liz Guinan
Dr George is an artist! She does lips better than anyone I’ve ever used.
Topsail Beach Jr
Topsail Beach Jr
Great dermatology office. Friendly staff and the PA’s and nurses are knowledgeable and very helpful.
Sue Rowlett
Sue Rowlett
The receptionists are welcoming and professional. Megan Vigliano has been my dermatologist for years. She's so friendly and has made me feel comfortable and confident in her care.

How Can BroadBand Light®
Benefit My Skin?

Because it’s both simple and dynamic, BBL® can be used to treat nearly any skin irregularity, virtually anywhere on the body. Some of the most popular treatment areas include the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back of hands.

If you’re unhappy with any blemishes, spots, discoloration, or other imperfections anywhere on your body, odds are high BBL® can help to improve or remove them. These include:

• Age spots
• Freckles
• Small vessels
• Brown spots
• Hyperpigmentation

• Sunspots
• Redness
• Acne
• Rosacea

• Age spots
• Freckles
• Small vessels
• Brown spots
• Hyperpigmentation
• Sunspots
• Redness
• Acne
• Rosacea
Benefits of BBL

Two Powerful Options: Forever Young™ and Forever Clear®

Two of the most popular and effective forms of BBL® are Forever Young™ and Forever Clear®, which focus the adaptable BBL® treatment to better serve specific purposes.

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young™ BBL®

Forever Young™ is designed specifically to address visible signs of aging skin to restore a more youthful look. These include smoothing skin, reducing incorrect pigmentation, removing redness and spots caused by broken blood vessels, and anything else that makes your skin look less uniform. This multi-step solutions treats surface issues while stimulating healthy skin growth for years of younger skin.

Forever Clear® BBL®

Acne can be a monster to deal with, which is why Forever Clear® offers a comprehensive solution to address the sources of acne while treating superficial damage. This treatment eliminates acne-causing bacteria within the pores, reduces inflammation and redness, and invigorates your skin’s natural healing processes to prevent future outbreaks and help your skin become clearer with a healthy glow.

Forever Clear BBL

How Does BroadBand Light® Work?

As the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device available, BBL sets a new standard for treating skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyle, and sun damage.

Light energy delivered by BBL gently heats the upper layers of your skin. As the heat is absorbed by the targeted area, it stimulates skin cells to regenerate. This regeneration process restores skin by making it clearer, smoother, vibrant, and more youthful.

Prior to Treatment

We begin our aesthetic treatments during a complimentary consultation, where we’ll go over your ultimate skincare goals and how our experienced team can best help you achieve your results.

We’ll ask you to avoid having other work done in the target areas for a few weeks before BBL® and protect these areas from harsh light or injury. We’ll apply an anesthetic cream to your skin to ensure comfort, and after waiting 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect, we’ll thoroughly cleanse the area.

During Treatment

The BBL® handheld device is expertly brought along the target areas to provide quick, powerful light flashes. For the most part, this will just feel warm, although more sensitive areas and patients may experience something like being flicked. Treatment time depends on the target area and desired outcomes, but with BBL® Hero™, treatment typically takes two to five minutes.

After Treatment & Results

We’ll instruct you on how to moisturize, sunscreen, apply cool compresses, and otherwise protect your skin for optimal recovery. Side effects and outcomes depend on the treatment area. Most people experience a temporary “sunburn” for a few hours after treatment, and some areas may swell or bruise for a few days, but these heal naturally. Makeup can be applied normally, and regular activities can be resumed immediately, but your skin will be sensitive to sunlight and other irritants for several weeks.

Most patients will see improvement within two weeks, although some spots may darken before clearing up. Depending on your goals, multiple treatments bay be necessary. Results typically last up to a year or more, depending on your unique skin and personal skincare routine.

Am I a Candidate for BroadBand Light®?

Because BBL® is a noninvasive application of light, it’s generally safe for any men or women looking to clear, improve, and rejuvenate skin anywhere on their body — even those with light or pale skin.

However, darker skin tones with a lot of melanin may absorb excessive energy and experience unintended effects, in which case we’ll recommend other skincare solutions that are just as effective.

Why Get BroadBand Light®
at Wilmington Dermatology Center?

Wilmington Dermatology is one of the most trusted and experienced aesthetic treatment providers in all of North Carolina, and is recognized by several businesses and organizations as the top dermatology center in Eastern NC. Dr. George leads our staff of highly trained aesthetic professionals in learning the optimal techniques for specific results — this is how we ensure treatments like BBL® result in the best possible outcomes for each patient’s unique skin and aesthetic goals.

BroadBand Light at Wilmington Dermatology Center

BroadBand Light® Frequently Asked Questions

How long do BBL® therapy results last?

Results from BBL® can last up to a year, if not longer, depending on your skin and skincare.

When will I see BBL® therapy results?

Results typically show most improvement over two weeks, but may progressively improve even further over a couple months as collagen levels increase.

Can I get BBL® therapy the day before a big event?

BBL® has the potential for downtime, as bruising, swelling, and redness may persist for a few days after treatment. If you are getting BBL® treatment in a visible place, plan around events to be safe.

Does BBL® therapy hurt?

Particularly with the use of topical anesthetic, most patients only experience warmth, or a brief “flick” sensation as the light pulses are applied. There should be no issues tolerating the treatment.

How does BBL® therapy rejuvenate my skin?

BBL® applies light energy to the skin that eliminates unwanted, irregular, and excessive skin cells and blood vessels on the skin’s surface. It also energizes deeper within the skin to generate collagen and provide the benefits of ongoing skin healing.

Does it really matter who provides my BBL® therapy?

BBL® is a powerful tool, but by itself, it’s just that: a tool. It depends on an expert, trained hand with a thorough knowledge of different skin types, skin conditions, and techniques to provide the most improvement with natural-looking results.

Dr. Rosalyn George and her team have helped many patients clear their skin and achieve a healthy, youthful glow with this unique non-invasive procedure. To learn more about BBL®, please call Wilmington Dermatology Center at 910-256-4350 or schedule your free consultation online today.

BroadBand Light (BBL)®️ Treatment Documents

Please download and view the BroadBand Light (BBL)® pre-visit instructions ahead of your visit.
Please download and view the BroadBand Light (BBL)®️ pre-visit instructions ahead of your visit.