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Whether your eyebrows are naturally thinner or lighter than you’d like, or you’ve found you plucked and waxed just a bit too much, it’s natural to want darker, fuller-looking, and more defined brows. We’re proud to offer Microblading as a long-lasting treatment for enhancing your brows.

Rosalyn George, M.D., leads our experienced team of certified medical aestheticians in helping enhance your brows for a more robust and perfectly natural look.

Microblading Eyebrow Treatment in Wilmington

What Is Microblading Eyebrow Treatment?

Microblading is an exciting new technique where semi-permanent pigmentation is applied to the top layer of your brows. A small hand tool with tiny needles is used to embed the pigment to the top layer of skin to the top layer of skin beneath the eyebrows. This creates longer-lasting, darker, and fuller eyebrows for a fuller and more defined look.

Why Get Microblading at
Wilmington Dermatology Center?

The success of Microblading depends a great deal on who performs: where they choose to treat, how much pigment is used, and how skilled they are all determine the outcome. Our Certified Medical Aestheticians understand have experience with different skin tones, ensuring they can meet your goals for your brows while making sure your results are a natural-looking refresh for your face.

“I have been going to Wilmington Dermatology Center for several years and trust Dr. George and her highly trained staff to take care of any problem or concerns I have. They are all patient, caring and knowledgeable! I highly recommend Dr. George and her team for all cosmetic treatments and skin problems. You will be beyond satisfied!”

– E.M.

How Does Microblading Work?

All our aesthetic treatments and procedures start before any work is done, as part of a complimentary consultation. There, we’ll examine your brows and facial skin to determine the optimal treatment plan for your complexion and your goals.

Prior to Treatment

We begin by mapping your new, desired eyebrow shape onto your brow areas with a brow pencil. We also apply a topical numbing agent and let it sit for 15-30 minutes to minimize discomfort experienced during the procedure.

During Treatment

Our Certified Medical Aesthetician uses a small tool with tiny needles to carefully apply the pigment to the top layer of skin in brief strokes, to resemble your natural brow hairs. This process will take about an hour, and you will feel mild pricks in the application area during this time.

After Treatment & Results

Immediately after the procedure, your brows will appear much darker than your chosen color. You may also experience minor redness, swelling, or potential scabbing on the brows. All of this is normal, and lasts one to two weeks, at which point your brows should be fully healed and the correct shade.

Results vary by individual, and we offer a touch-up after four to six weeks if necessary, but proper post-care can maintain results for up to 12 months. Your eyebrows will then return to their natural color and shape. This procedure can be repeated as many times as you choose.

Cost of Microblading in Wilmington, NC

Am I a Candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is a safe and long-lasting solution for men and women with thin, light-colored, and over-plucked or over-waxed eyebrows. Our aesthetic team at Wilmington Dermatology Center can help you determine how to best enhance the shape and color of your brows with Microblading.

Microblading Frequently
Asked Questions

What should I avoid before Microblading treatment?

Stay out of the sun and do not exercise for a day before your procedure.

What are the side-effects of Microblading?

You may experience mild swelling, itching, scabbing, bruising, and dry tightness after the procedure. Eyebrows may appear too dark, or uneven, especially if swelling is present. All of these symptoms should be resolved within one to two weeks.

What should I avoid after Microblading treatment?

Do not participate in underwater or sweaty activities until healing is complete in two weeks.

Can I wear makeup after Microblading?

Do not use makeup near the treatment area for at least five to seven days.

Will Microblading affect eyebrow hair growth?

Microblading does not affect your eyebrow hair directly: it doesn’t prevent loss or promote growth.

When should I get a touch up?

If necessary, a touch-up is advised four to six days after the procedure. We also recommend maintenance appointments every six to 12 months, or when pigment naturally begins to fade.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

Cost may vary by desired outcomes and combined treatments. We can discuss your treatment plan and cost estimate during a free consultation.

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