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Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of those challenges that a significant number of men and women will have to contend with during their lifetime. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will begin to see some loss of hair by age 35 and an estimated 40 percent of hair loss sufferers are female.

Hair loss in women can be a complex disorder, with many contributing factors, including hormonal changes, genetics, and aging.  Primary causes of male hair loss are hormone shifts and genetics.

For both men and women, it is important to first see a medical provider for a diagnosis.  The first line of treatment typically is topical medication to stimulate growth and/or oral medications that block the hormone associated with hair loss. Additional treatments for hair loss depend on the cause, and a thorough evaluation is key to optimizing your outcome.

While these can be an alarming statistics, Wilmington Dermatology Center has a number of ways we can improve hair loss. Like most treatment plans, we typically recommend hitting the diagnosis with multiple things at once for better improvement.

Treatment Options

One option for treatment is PRP which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP is a procedure where the use of a small amount of one’s own blood is extracted, platelets are separated in a centrifuge, and then re-injected into the injured areas releasing growth factors that promote natural tissue healing. Platelets are a natural source of a number of growth factors in their natural and biologically determined ratios. This procedure is used to promote hair growth, as well as, an add-on treatment to other procedures like Fraxel and Infini to promote more collagen and growth factor stimulation.

We typically combine this treatment with our Nutrafol supplements. Nutrafol targets multiple root causes of hair loss at one time. Nutrafol has a statistically significant effect on men and women’s hair health including increased hair growth as well as improved hair quality and overall wellness.

Another option for an at-home treatment is the Revian Red Cap.  This precision light therapy uses LED sources that can access the full color palette of light to unlock its therapeutic potential. There are two wavelengths of light that evenly bathe the scalp and boost the regeneration of new hair follicles.  It also inhibits the production of DHT, the main culprit for most hair loss.

The device should be worn for 10 minutes a day.

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How Does REVIAN RED work?

REVIAN RED works in both men and women. It is the first and only dual-wavelength, all LED light device that provides uniform scalp coverage. By increasing nitric oxide production, REVIAN RED stimulates the body’s natural processes to rejuvenate hair and skin. The dual wavelength light in REVIAN RED is a patented method of releasing and regenerating nitric oxide stores on a daily basis. The cap stimulates nitric oxide, which targets all 3 pathogenic factors known to be involved in hair loss: 1) Reduces inflammation, 2) Acts as a vasodilator, 3) Inhibits 5-alpha reductase. REVIAN RED is an FDA-cleared medical device for use at home. REVIAN RED utilizes LED light and a mobile app for a technologically advanced hair growth experience. It does not interfere with any treatments that you may be currently using.


The results of treatment are vary. For hair loss, you may start to see results in about 4-8 months, after 3-4 treatments. Treatments are typically done 4 weeks apart. PRP creates impressive results both as an isolated procedure or when incorporated into a treatment plan with hyaluronic acid fillers, neuromodulators and laser technology.

The results are impressive and real.

REVIAN RED is clinically proven to grow more hair in less time than other hair loss products.  To test the effectiveness of the dual band LED light therapy, they conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study — the “gold standard” of human trials. Enrolling men and women ages 18-65 with pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), the study results demonstrate that REVIAN RED is an effective alternative to chemical-based topicals and prescription drugs.

Treatment Pricing
PRP pricing depends on the area you’re having treated and the number of treatments you need for your desired results. We encourage you to come in for a consultation at which point we can give you a more precise idea of cost.  As an estimate, a 3 treatment package for hair loss is $1400 and each individual treatment is $500.

Nutrafol: $94

Revian Red Cap: $995 + Free Shipping. Click HERE to purchase yours today! Inquire with WDC staff to learn how you can save $50 off retail pricing with our coupon code.

Top 10 FAQs
How long will the visits last?

  • The visit can be as little as 30-minutes for PRP injection and 10-minutes a day for the Revian Red Cap.

How many treatments will I need?

  • The number of treatments you will need depends on your specific treatment goals and desired outcome. Typically, patients receive their desired outcomes in 4-6 treatments.

Can an PRP treatment be painful?

  • PRP is close to a physiologic pH, which means the product is less likely to cause a stinging or burning sensation. There may be some temporary discomfort or possible redness and inflammation at the application site, but quickly resolves.

Is PRP safe?

  • Since the autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is produced from a patient’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

How is PRP at WDC different from other PRP procedures?

  • There are fewer steps required with the PRP system used at WDC than other systems of extraction, there is Optimal platelet recovery 87% ± 10%, only a small amount of blood is required, and it yields various volumes and concentration levels to meet patient and procedure needs.

How long will the positive effects of PRP last?

  • It varies depending on your particular condition of skin and what we are treating. Results can last for years if you continue to protect your skin as advised by your healthcare provider.

What is Platelet-Rich-Plasma?

  • Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is a high concentration of your own platelets in a small volume of plasma.

What are the expected side effects of PRP?

  • As with any injection-based treatment, infection is a slight possibility. Possible irritation in the treated area can occur, but should subside quickly.

How far in between do the PRP treatments have to be?

  • We recommend 4-6 weeks in between sessions to allow for full healing time.

Are you a candidate for PRP or the Revian Red Cap?

  • PRP and Revian Red  is suited for men and women seeking hair restoration.  The PRP procedure is customizable for any lifestyle and beauty regimen, while the Revian Red Cap can be done at-home for just 10 minutes a day.  Contact Wilmington Dermatology Center today to setup your free cosmetic consultation and find out if PRP or the Revian Cap is the right option for you.
Patient Treatment Documents
PRP Pre-Visit Instructions
Please download and view the PRP pre-visit instructions ahead of your visit.
PRP Post-Treatment Instructions
Please download and view the PRP post-care instructions to follow after your treatment.