Ultherapy® Treatment in Wilmington, NC

If you’re tired of sagging, aging skin on your face and body, Ultherapy® can be the key to rejuvenation!

Ultherapy® is a unique, non-invasive treatment to lift, tighten, and revitalize the skin around your eyes, cheeks, neck, and your décolleté! Dr. Rosalyn George and her experienced team have established themselves as seasoned experts at providing Ultherapy® laser treatments, as they are with many other aesthetic procedures. We can’t wait to help you see beautiful, natural results!

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy®, also known as the “non-invasive lift”, is a way to tighten and lift skin of the face — usually the eyes, cheeks, neck, and décolleté — for a natural, youthful look.

Unlike lasers, Ultherapy utilizes heat from ultrasound to stimulate collagen development under the skin. The collagen is strengthened providing your skin with a return to a more youthful and lifted position. Ultherapy® isn’t a replacement for a face lift, but it’s an excellent non-surgical option to achieve noticeable results with minimal to no downtime!

Non-Invasive Lift in Wilmington

History of Ultherapy®

Since its FDA approval, Ultherapy® has remained the only FDA-approved procedure to non-invasively lift the eyes, cheeks, neck, and décolleté. It’s the first device to combine high-frequency ultrasound imaging with therapeutic treatment, enabling providers to target deeper layers of skin.

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How Does Ultherapy® Laser Treatment Work?

Ultherapy® delivers focused ultrasound energy to the dermal and deep layers of the skin without affecting intervening tissue like the skin’s surface. Over two to three months, weak collagen is reorganized and strengthened, while new collagen is produced, which leads to the skin tightening and lifting.

Prior to Treatment

We first assess your skin to determine if you’re a good candidate during a complimentary consultation. Before the Ultherapy® procedure, we take pictures so we can track your results over the coming months. Our cosmetic staff with years of Ultherapy experience will mark out your treatment areas, cleanse the area, and apply ultrasound gel.

During Treatment

We first use ultrasound imaging to target treatment areas, then deliver the energy directly beneath the skin. Ultherapy® treatments last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the treatment area and your unique skin. Every patient feels the treatment’s pulses differently, but if you find them unpleasant, we offer medication or Pro-Nox for your comfort.

After Treatment & Results

The beauty of Ultherapy® is that there is no significant downtime or restrictions, which is why Ultherapy® has been coined the “lunchtime lift”! You may experience some mild redness immediately after the procedure that disappears within a few hours.

The full effects of Ultherapy® and the creation of new collagen takes place over two to three months, although many report faster visible outcomes. Treatment results can vary by individual while many have noted the benefits lasting 2-3 year prior to needing another session to rebuild their collagen.

Ultherapy® in Wilmington NC

Am I A Candidate for Ultherapy® Treatment?

Ultherapy® is an exceptional option for men and women alike who have healthy skin but suffer from sagging skin. Skin laxity is the number one factor in determining if Ultherapy® is right for you, but you can learn more about your specific skin and viability during a free consultation at Wilmington Dermatology Center.

Why Get Ultherapy® at Wilmington Dermatology Center?

Wilmington Dermatology Center was Wilmington, NC’s first adopter of Ultherapy®, and we continue to be recognized as one of North Carolina’s top providers. Through our years of noted success and growing expertise, we’ve developed a number of unique treatment packages to give each patient optimal outcomes. We also encourage you to take advantage of our free cosmetic consultations!

How Much Does Ultherapy® Laser Treatment Cost?

We are one of the highest-rated Ultherapy® providers in the state and have developed unrivaled treatment packages that include leading cosmeceutical products to protect and enhance your results. Depending on your treatment areas and goals, we can develop an Ultherapy plan that is right for you during your complimentary cosmetic consult.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Ultherapy®

What is Unique about Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment to lift and tighten skin. It’s also the only procedure to use ultrasound imaging to target to appropriate layer of skin.

Can Ultherapy® replace a facelift?

While surgery is still the gold standard, Ultherapy® does treat the same foundational skin layer as cosmetic surgery. Ultherapy® is perfect for those either not ready for, or not interested in, a face-lift.

How long does treatment take?

Ultherapy® can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your skin and treatment area.

When will I see results?

Some patients see results immediately, but ultimate results are seen over 2 to 3 months. In some cases, continuous improvement is seen for up to 6 months.

How long do results last?

The results of Ultherapy® treatment typically last several years. However as we continue to age you may need to retreat with Ultherapy to restrengthen your collagen over time.

Who is a good Ultherapy® candidate?

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate is to consult with our providers. Skin laxity is a major factor, but our staff will want to see and feel your skin before making a decision.

What, if any, are the side effects of Ultherapy®?

Most patients experience mild redness after the procedure, which diminishes shortly afterwards. Some may temporarily feel sore to the touch in the treated areas or have mild swelling and bruising.

Can I have Ultherapy® before a big event?

No. Ultherapy® is non-invasive but still has the potential to cause swelling and bruising.

How much does Ultherapy® cost?

Pricing varies depending on the treatment package best suited for your needs.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients see optimal results after just 1 treatment, but we may recommend 2. We’ll address and decide this during your free consultation with one of our expert staff.

Where can I find more information on Ultherapy®?

Visit the Ultherapy® website at https://ultherapy.com/

Ultherapy® In the Media

Ultherapy® has been featured in a variety of different magazines and TV shows, including Shape, Elle, Vogue, Self, Health, E! news, The Doctors, The Early Show, Dr. Oz, and Rachel Ray… just to name a few. Dr. George also discussed Ultherapy® on a local television interview with WECT!

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