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Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!

Acne & Holiday Food: 6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Pimple Free

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, we are all tempted with the guilty pleasures of pumpkin pies, eggnog, and the unlimited supply of casseroles. While indulging in these seasonal goodies we sometime forget the effects that they may have on our skin. Acne can be a common trigger from eating unhealthy meals. To avoid unwanted breakouts during this time with family and friends, we want to remind you of what foods to steer clear of while gathering around the table.

6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Pimple Free

  1. Limit Dairy Products- Milk holds hormones that build tissue in the body. These hormones can also increase oil production that can lead to blemished skin. Keep this in mind when setting out the milk and cookies for Santa this year!
  2. Pass up the White Breads- When adding that hefty portion of stuffing onto your plate, be mindful that eating high glycemic index foods may be tied to flare-ups. Stay away from empty carb foods, such as, white bread, pasta, and white rice.
  3. Moderate the Chocolate- Chocolate can increasingly raise insulin levels that can lead to acne bacteria. It’s important to not overindulge in this holiday delicacy.
  4. Avoid High Calorie Foods- It can be hard to keep away from all the delicious desserts during the holidays, but these treats can often increase skin oil output, which often lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts.
  5. Keep up with Omega-3 Acids- These fatty acids are generally found in fish oils, nuts, spices, etc. A good balance of Omega-3s will help swelling and redness usually brought on by acne.
  6. Add Zinc to your diet- Zinc helps reduce inflammation, and helps kill acne bacteria. Instead of the Ham for dinner, focus on Seafood, such as, cooked oysters, crab or lobster. Other foods high in Zinc to consider are Spinach, Cashews, and Pumpkin seeds.

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