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CellFX® Effectively Treats Dermatofibromas and Sebaceous Hyperplasia for Clear, Smooth Skin


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CellFX® is an advanced aesthetic treatment made to help you love the look and feel of your skin. It’s designed to address common skin concerns like spots, bumps, and growths, which are clinically known as benign lesions. CellFX® uses state-of-the-art, non-thermal Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology to eliminate unwanted cells while preserving healthy, non-cellular collagen. This in turn reduces the risk of common scarring with treatments and promotes natural healing for smooth skin. CellFX® is a great treatment option for two very common conditions known as sebaceous hyperplasia and dermatofibromas. Keep reading to learn how CellFX® can be the right solution for you when treating these common skin conditions!

What are Dermatofibromas?

Dermatofibromas are typically small lesions that are non-cancerous and can develop anywhere on the body. They most commonly appear on the lower legs, upper arms, or upper back, and are mainly seen in adults. Dermatofibromas can be pink, gray, red or brown in color and may change color over the years. They are firm and often feel like a stone under the skin. While these lesions are harmless and typically painless, they are problematic to many individuals. Because a dermatofibroma grows deep, removal requires excising it below the surface level of the skin. This process usually leaves a noticeable scar. Alternatively, the nodule may be flattened to the surface of the skin by shaving the top off with a surgical blade, but this removes only the topmost layers of the dermatofibroma, leaving the deeper layers so that the nodule may grow back again after several years.

What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Another common skin condition treatable by CellFX® is called sebaceous hyperplasia. This condition’s formation is due to an overgrowth of oil-producing cells, where sebum can become trapped inside the gland, causing it to swell and form a bump under the skin. The bumps are typically small, shiny, and can have a slight indentation in the center with a white or yellow outer edge. Sebaceous hyperplasia is most commonly found on the face. One traditional way to treat sebaceous hyperplasia is with the use of a retinoid. While this can be an effective treatment, it does require consistent application of the product to maintain results. Another treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia is chemical peels. Chemical facial peels can cause irritation, discoloration, and sensitivity. Without receiving proper aftercare, they can aggravate sebaceous hyperplasia. Electrocautery is another common way to treat sebaceous hyperplasia. It involves using a charge of electricity to burn the bumps. The skin will then scab over and fall away, leaving behind a smooth area. While mostly effective, electrocautery may cause skin pigment changes in the affected area and has the potential to leave indented scars if performed incorrectly.

What CellFX® Can Do for You

CellFX® is an innovative solution for several common skin problems while eliminating many of the risks and outcomes of more traditional treatment methods. It clears the cells that cause the problem, while sparing healthy collagen and preventing damage to non-cellular collagen. This in turn reduces the risk of common scarring with treatments and promotes natural healing, while upholding the skin’s firmness. You can quickly return to your normal activity after a session with minimal downtime, unlike several other treatment methods. The treatment time with CellFX® varies depending on the number of lesions being treated but is a relatively quick and easy process. Pricing starts at $300 and varies based on how many lesions are being treated. We typically require 2 sessions to achieve full clearance to the treated area.

If you have any of these common skin conditions that are driving you crazy, don’t wait – schedule your consultation with one of our providers today! CellFX® is something that is a game changer in our abilities to treat many non-cancerous lesions more safely without trading the removal for a scar. Call us, Wilmington Dermatology Center, at 910-256-4350 to get started on your skincare journey!