Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!

Cellulite Reduction with Cellfina!

Ready to get rid of the unsightly dimples on the back of your legs and buttocks? Cellfina for cellulite reduction is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years—the longest FDA-cleared duration for a cellulite treatment!  Thats right, something that actually addresses the root cause of cellulite and works!

WDC is pleased to offer the latest in Cellulite elimination. What causes cellulite? The fibrous bands under our skin, called septae, are the culprit. These bands can be tight and pull down on your skin causing an uneven, dimpling appearance. Many women are embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, dresses or shorts due to the appearance of the dimples.

What makes Cellfina different from the other procedures we’ve all heard about? The tight bands pull down the skin, creating the puckering you see on the surface of the skin are released.  Once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out.  While other treatments may give a temporary fix, Cellfina has results that last.  With a 96% patient satisfaction rate at year 3 post clinical trials, what’s not to love about it.  Not to mention, it’s also a one-time in-office treatment with minimal downtime.

If you think you may be interested in learning more about this procedure WDC is offering free Cellfina consultations with our staff on May 25th. Call or email our office to save a consult time between 10am-12 on the 25th.