Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!

Hand Rejuvenation

We have been focusing a lot on full facial rejuvenation, but one area that ages similarly to your face that is sometimes overlooked, are your hands.  Over time we experience the loss of volume in the face and neck…our hands follow suit leaving us with veins and skin that don’t look as youthful as they once did.

Radiesse is the first FDA approved injectable filler for treatment of hand rejuvenation.  Radiesse filler is a calcium-based filler that does an excellent job of plumping, but another main advantage is the calcium in the filler is actually building your own collagen.   What does this mean exactly?  This is basically saying that once treated with Radiesee, even after the filler has dissolved over the 6-9 month period of time, your hands won’t go back to what they were before the treatment.  We love to combine our Medlite laser for treatment of brown spots with the Radiesse filler for the hands, for a complete hand augmentation/rejuvenation.

How many syringes will I need?  Typically, we can treat the hands with one syringe of Radiesse for optimal results.

Is there downtime? Like most injectables, there is minor swelling and potential for a bruise after the filler treatment is complete.

When will I see results?  Results are seen immediately with optimal improvement over a two week period of time.

* Radiesse is also used to treat deep lines in the nasolabial folds (smile lines) and add volume to the cheek.

Also, a special savings for the entire month of May – Restore a more youthful appearance to your hands with the instant volumizing effects of Radiesse. Schedule a Radiesse treatment this month for your hands and instantly receive $50 off your treatment.

Let us give you a helping hand….take advantage of our complimentary consults with our cosmetic coordinator to find out more details on this procedure and if you could benefit from it.

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