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Healthy Holiday Skin!

The Holiday season is right around the corner and we are all tempted with the guilty pleasures of pumpkin pies, eggnog, and the unlimited supply of casseroles. While indulging in these seasonal goodies we sometimes forget the effects that they may have on our skin. To avoid unwanted breakouts and a dull complexion during holiday events, here are some foods to steer clear and some treatments that will keep that holiday glow while gathering around the table!

Let’s start with the foods we should limit during the holidays:

  • We’re going to jump right in and say it…the ever so loved egg nog is one on the top of our list of foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation.  Egg nog, along with other high sugar foods like pecan pie, can cause the skin to produce more oil, thus causing blemishes making your skin look less than it’s best.
  • You also want to be wary of consuming too much dairy and empty carbs like white rice, pasta, and white bread. These types of foods can be inflammatory and can cause clogging of your pores and dulling of the skin.

We all look forward to the ever so loved holiday foods at this time of year, and they definitely can be part of your holiday. But eating them in  reasonable portions and picking the treats that are significant to the season will help you to keep your skin looking fresh through the holiday season.

While some foods may be damaging to the skin in large quantities, there are other foods that will actually supply your skin with the ingredients that preserve collagen and contain vitamins that contribute to that clear complexion.

  • Keep up with Omega-3 Acids.  These fatty acids are generally found in fish oils, nuts, spices, etc. A good balance of Omega-3s will help swelling and redness usually brought on by skin blemishes.
  • Add Zinc to your diet. Zinc helps reduce inflammation, and helps kill acne bacteria. Instead of the Ham for dinner, focus on Seafood, such as, cooked oysters, crab or lobster. Other foods high in Zinc to consider are Spinach, Cashews, and Pumpkin seeds.

…and don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water!


While eating the right foods is a big contributor to healthy glowing skin, we also have some secret holiday skin procedures to give you the extra bit you need to look your best!


  • Our first procedure we are LOVING this holiday season is our Dermal Infusion Silkpeel.  This technology has added a major leap forward in the world of maintenance facials with no downtime.  The exfoliation, removal of damaged skin, while infusing customized serums is going to change your prep for a big party and make you look and feel amazing!
  • One of Dr. Roz’s favorite things to do to restore a fresh natural glow to your skin is with hyaluronic injectable products.  With an advanced technique and small strategically placed injections around the face, you can improve pores, fine lines, and add some moisture back into the skin to give you that glow.  Combine this with a neurotoxin like Botox or Dysport and you will be looking amazing in no time! If you go this route, plan ahead, as there is always the risk if bruising.
  • Our last holiday procedure prep pick are photo facials with our state of the art Pico laser.  This no downtime procedure provides a complete skin revitalization solution, enabling your provider to offer you remarkable results on a range of skin aging concerns such as age and sun damage,  and melasma. This is a great no-downtime option for overall skin toning and rejuvenation before a big event!

If you’re interested in learning more, schedule your complimentary consult today and we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss your skincare goals with you!