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How do I use Latisse?

How do I use Latisse? This is a commonly asked questions amongst of number of people who currently use, or are interested in using Latisse. On today’s blog we’re going to share what Latisse can do for you and some of our tips and tricks for use to get your money’s worth!

Let’s start with what exactly Latisse is? For those that haven’t experienced the amazing results from Latisse, it is an FDA-approved treatment that is used to grow eyelashes, making them longer thicker, and darker! That’s right, it can do all of these things with one simple treatment! It is given to you as a little bottle dropper with a bunch of brushes for application to the top lash line. It is a medicine that is only available by prescription….so something you would have to purchase through a doctors office.

Latisse use and tips:

  • The basic protocol with most products is if you don’t use it, it won’t work! The same goes for Latisse. It’s important to use Latisse once a day consistently in the beginning as part of your regular routine. Keeping it in a handy spot, like with your other skincare products, or toothbrush is a good place as a reminder for application daily.
  • The brush that comes with Latisse is a bit too thick, so we typically recommend using a thinner brush to apply the medication. You can purchase a good lip liner or eyeliner brush at the drugstore if you would like, or simply cut some of the bristles off of the brushes provided. Using a thin brush allows you to target the exact spot needed for optimal treatment (base of lashes) and thus not wasting any medication.
  • According to the Latisse directions, they instruct to apply one drop to each brush for each eye. We recommend placing just one drop in the cap of the Latisse bottle, dip the brush in the cap, and apply to one lid, another dip, and apply to the other. Again making the medicine go farther, but still working effectively.
  • One of the most common complaints with Latisse is that it causes itchiness or eye redness. For this, we reccommend applying the medicine in the morning, rather than at night, before your makeup and other products. Allow it to dry, or use a blow dryer to speed up the process on a cool setting. This will make sure the medication doesn’t get on the skin where it can cause side effects.

We hop this helps those of you who are currently using Latisse, and for those of you thinking about it! We’re also having specials on Wednesday and Thursday (15th and 16th) for $25 off when you purchase a Latisse! Call or email our office with any questions! 910-256-4350 or roset@wilmingtondermatologycenter.com