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Micro-needling with the Collagen P.I.N.

Many of you have heard of dermal rolling and micro-needling, but do you know exactly what they can do….or better yet, which one is the best option to choose? On today’s blog we’re going to break down exactly what micro-needling is, how it can benefit you, and why we think our Collagen P.I.N. stands out from the selection for optimal rejuvenation results!

First, lets discuss exactly what micro-needling is. Automated Micro-Needling (also known as Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy or PCIT) is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars and improvement of the skin’s overall appearance. During this procedure, tiny needles are used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to produce collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker dermis with the appearance of softer wrinkles. Automated micro-needling also creates superficial micro-channels which allow topical serums, and creams to be absorbed more effectively into the skin. This process causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling and other ablative treatments, which helps to protect the new skin cell growth providing for quicker healing and a much higher success rate for overall and longer lasting results.

What can this do for you, specifically? While everyone has certain things about themselves that they would like to improve, the Collagen P.I.N. does a variety of things for your skin. It has the ability to address:

  • Fine Lines
  • Scar Revision (Acne, Body)
  • Stretch Marks
  • Photo-damage
  • Fine lines
  • Tone and Texture

Finally, what sets the Collagen P.I.N. specifically apart from other miro-needling options? Micro-needling rollers are the previous generation of needling devices. One of the many drawbacks is that dermal rollers have a fixed needle or penetration depth (i.e. 0.5mm). This is not very conducive when treating an area like the face, which requires different depths due to the thickness of skin tissue, varying in depth tremendously depending on the area being treated. Therefore, having a fixed needle depth or penetration level is a huge drawback when trying to customize a treatment for consistency. Collagen P.I.N. has an adjustable needle depth that allows your skincare provider to vary the depth of penetration throughout the entire treatment. This will allow the medical provider to properly address the specific needs of thinner skin on your lower eyelids, crow’s feet, and forehead. Additionally where the tissue is thicker in other areas like the upper lip, cheeks (due to fat pads), neck, and décolletage, the necessary adjustments can easily be treated with 1 needle tip instead of 5 or 6 needle rollers.

We have seen some amazing results from the Collagen P.I.N. and truly feel that it is the best treatment option in the world of micro-needling. If you think you may be interested in learning more, don’t forget we offer complimentary consultations to further explain the process and determine if this may be the bets procedure option for you!