Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!
Check out what's happening this month at Wilmington Dermatology Center!


Some of you may have heard mention of the newest neurotoxin on the market called Jeuveau, or #NEWTOX.  For those of you who are already familiar with Botox and Dysport, whether it be the name or you have tried it before, Jeuveau is basically it’s cousin.  Derived from the French work nouveau meaning “new” or “modern” Jeuveau #NEWTOX is the newest FDA-approved treatment for frown lines. Jeuveau is developed by Evolus and is the first aesthetic only neurotoxin approved in the U.S.


How does the magic work? Jeuveau prevents your nerves from telling your facial muscles to flex. The result? In clinical trials, Jeuveau was shown to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. In 2 long-term safety studies, patients received an average of 3 treatments over the course of 1 year.  Jeuveau is another excellent, non-surgical option that reduces the effects of aging and helps regain a more youthful appearance. Comparable to that of Botox and Dysport.


Jeuveau and other brand name toxins are priced based on the number of units used on the individual, and how much you will require is based on the areas you need treated and overall severity of wrinkles. Our providers can give you a quote based on a free consultation.


Wilmington Dermatology Center is one of the first practices in Wilmington, NC that have been chosen by Evolus to administer Jeuveau, otherwise known as #NEWTOX.  Dr. Rosalyn George, and her experienced injecting staff at WDC, are dedicated to listening and understanding your wants and are focused on natural looking results.


If you’re ready to try something new, mention #NEWTOX to your provider when you come in for you next visit!