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Platelet Rich Plasma: Why is it termed LIQUID GOLD?

Unfamiliar with what PRP is? Well we’re about to blow your mind with what PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is capable of doing in areas like hair loss, as well as, a number of cosmetic reasons why it is termed liquid gold. On today’s blog, we’re going to focus on the cosmetic perks of adding PRP to your treatment, or as a stand-alone treatment.

First, let’s break down the basics for those who haven’t heard of PRP before. PRP, which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a procedure where the use of a small amount of one’s own blood is extracted, platelets are separated in a centrifuge, and then re-injected into the injured areas releasing growth factors that promote natural tissue healing. Platelets are a natural source of a number of growth factors in their natural and biologically determined ratios. Plasma is typically a very thin yellowish fluid (hence the gold in the liquid gold) The platelet rich plasma is then used in a number of ways to enhance cosmetic procedures and stimulate hair growth!

We use the PRP in a number of our cosmetic procedures, including: Fraxel, Infini, Collagen PIN, and in combination with hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators.

What exactly can PRP add to my procedure? In pretty much all cosmetic procedures, our goal is to stimulate growth factors to bring out our younger healthier skin. PRP not only boosts the growth factor stimulation, but it also does an amazing job at decreasing healing time and giving an immediate glow to the skin.

PRP creates impressive results both as an isolated procedure or when incorporated into a treatment plan with hyaluronic acid fillers, neuromodulators and laser technology.  If we are adding on to a treatment with PRP topically, improvements may be seen in as little as 6 weeks.  One of the best parts is your risks with PRP are really low, since it’s your own plasma that we’re re-injecting.

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