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Tired of that old tattoo?

WDC can help with the latest PICO technology. This laser encompasses two cutting edge technologies to enable us to clear more colors in a faster treatment! On today’s blog we’re going to focus on some of the differences between our PiQo4 laser and traditional tattoo removal lasers.

– With most tattoo removal devices, colors like turquoise and yellow hues were always really hard to get rid of, but with the Pico speed, we are now able to address all tattoo colors! How is this possible? This new technology can target both large and small particles at the same time , breaking them into tiny particles that are naturally removed from your body.
– Since tattoo ink particles vary in size, previous technologies would only be able to either break down the small OR the large particles, but not the two together, like our PiQo4.
– Not only does the Pico technology allow for us to break down all particle sizes, but because of this, our clearance levels are much better and that dreaded “ghosting” from previous tattoo removal is significantly improved with continued clearance.

The amount of treatments needed depends on a number of factors including:
– The area of the body
– The background skin color
– The color of the tattoo
– If it’s professionally done with deeper ink depths

A treatment series can range from 2 sessions up to 10 sessions and are performed 6-8 weeks apart. Our specialists are happy to provide complimentary consults to determine approximate number of treatments needed, as well as, cost per treatment based on the size of the artwork. Contact our office today to setup your consult, or ask any additional questions!