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What wrinkles can Botox fix?

Botox cosmetic is a MAJOR contributor to aging gracefully.  This neurotoxin is used by men and women to treat stubborn wrinkling in common areas like between the brows, forehead, and crows feet.  It works by reducing the contractions that happen when you make certain facial expression and relaxing the underlying muscles of the face.

Today we’re going to focus on what wrinkles Botox can actually fix, or improve.  While most are aware of how great Botox is and may already be getting treatments done every 4-6 months, you may be shocked after reading this, the amount of areas you can actually treat with this game changing injection.  Some of the most common areas of treatment, as mentioned before, are the glabella (between the brows), the forehead, and the crows feet.  We also use Botox cosmetic to treat:

  • Bunny lines (wrinkling to the sides of the nose)
  • Upper lip
  • DAO’s (depressor angular oris) this is the area that pulls your mouth corners down, but don’t worry, Botox can defy gravity and turn that smile upward.
  • Under the nose to turn it upward as well
  • Neck (does a great job with treating platysmas bands and tightening the neck)
  • TMJ (a little Botox in the masseter muscle can soften the jawline and help with clenching)
  • Underarms (for reducing sweating)

Remember, Botox last for 4-6 months, so it does require continued treatments for continued improvement.   It also takes about 2 weeks for the full effects of Botox to kick in.  If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary consult today!  Call 910-256-4350 or email roset@wilmingtondermatologycenter.com