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Where should I get Botox?

Let’s start with the basics of Botox. Botox Cosmetic is used by men and women to treat stubborn frown lines—between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and other fine lines on the forehead and the lips –that tend to accumulate over time as a result of years of smiling and squinting. By reducing the contractions and relaxing the underlying muscles of the face, patients see noticeable results in their non-surgical Botox treatment with very little downtime.

While this is a more commonly known procedure, it’s so important to be sure to go to someone who is experienced in the field of injections.

Why is this so important?  Facial anatomy is a tricky topic.  While our goal is to soften fine lines and wrinkling, if put in an incorrect location, the areas can have the opposite effect of drooping and uneven facial movements.  It is also important to go to someone who is experienced to get the best bang for your buck!  If injections are placed strategically, you can get a softer overall effect in more treated areas, rather than focusing all of the units on one specific location.  Your WDC provider can discuss your goals and injection placement/units are determined in a customized plan for your skincare goals.

WDC is a top Account with Allergan, the maker of Botox, representing the top 2% of practices in the nation by volume. Wilmington Dermatology Center is also recognized as not only the top Wilmington, NC Botox and injectable account in the area, but also in southeastern North Carolina. This is a testament to our experience, advanced techniques and our patient’s great results. Dr. Rosalyn George is also a national trainer with Allergan, where she provides training on Botox and other injectables for other physician’s offices. You can trust your treatments and results to Dr. Rosalyn George and her trained staff who perform Botox and other injectable treatments daily.

Call our office to schedule your consult/appointment today!  We can’t wait to welcome you the amazing world of facial rejuvenation!