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It’s laser season!  We know sometimes winter can be a drag, but in the dermatology world it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The winter is by far the best time to get your laser skin treatments done, providing the best opportunity for you and your skin.  With all lasers, it’s most important that you stay out of the sun in the following days post procedure.  The winter months and colder weather make this more possible than the sunny, hot summertime.


We use lasers to treat a variety of skin conditions including brown spots, evening tone and texture, creating more collagen/elastic to soften wrinkling, tattoo removal, vascular lesions, and hair removal.  If you were to have a laser procedure done, and then expose the compromised skin to the sun, you’re asking for bigger issues like burns and hyper or hypo-pigmentation. (dark or lighter spots that may show up after treatment that is exposed by sun).  Staying out of the sun allows for the skin rejuvenation process to work in the most effective way. Sun exposure can severely damage the process and even end up making it look worse than before.


Both men and women alike are great candidates for laser skin treatments.  While some laser treatments are limited to certain Fitzpatrick skin types, others can safely treat skin types 1-6.  We highly recommend a complimentary consult to determine if you would be a good candidate before treatment.  Contact our office today to setup an appointment!  910-256-4350