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For those of you who have been dealing with those pesky lines around your lips and no magic solution to help them go away….WDC now has what you’ve been waiting for in our strive for full facial rejuvenation. Resylane Silk is the first and only FDA approved injectable filler that has been approved to specifically address the lips and vertical lines around them.

Many people who are comfortable with other types of aesthetic enhancement are always weary of lip treatment with the fear of the infamous “duck lip” or looking too unnatural. Restylane Silk has been designed specifically for precise lip definition and line control giving you the silkier, smoother lips you’ve been striving for.  The smooth gel formulation allows us to give a more subtle and natural result compared to fillers in the past.

Lip tissue is different than the skin on the rest of your face.  The soft tissue on the lips is constantly stressed by how we move our mouth, but with the Restylane Silk your healthcare provider can bring new artistry to subtle lip enhancement giving you that natural, yet wrinkle free appearance.

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